Monday, October 10, 2005

Lil brain exercise.

One of the my most favorite puzzles.

There are 5 thieves and all 5 of them are "extremely intelligent and extremely greedy". They steal 200 gold coins. Now it is distribution time. The rules are

1 is junior to 2 who is junior to 3 and so on.

The seniormost suggests a distribution plan which is accepted if it is aye'd by atleast 50%. If not, he is shot dead and the next seniormost suggests a plan. So if 5 suggests a plan, it needs to be okayed by atleast 3 guys otherwise he will be shot dead. If 4 suggests a plan, atleast 2 should agree and so on.

So what is the final distribution?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

While going through the book by Jules Verne, "The journey to the centre of the Earth", I started looking up for information on Iceland on the net. And now I am absolutely in love with that place. It's in my list of places to visit in the next 5 years.

I could have put some pics here, but due credit should go to the photographer. And hence here is the link with some of the most beautiful photos of Iceland.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

5 days @ home

Last to last week, I had to take 5 days off, as I had fallen terribly sick. Cold, cough, fever, severe constipation were few of the symptoms. First 2 days I slept like a log and felt a whole lot better, though the symptoms had worsened. Third day I decided to pamper myself. And so I went ahead, bought myself a whole set of classics, bought a nice "real-looking" baby for my daughter which laughs like a real baby whenever it is disturbed or it senses vibrations. Ofcourse, between my daughter and my wife it is a real fight now since both have laid claim on being the surrogate mother of the baby. As for myself, well I loved reading Jules Verne "The journey to the centre of the Earth" from the lot. The fact that I could imagine myself as a part of all that was written and described, amazed me. Do not give it a miss.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The month in a nutshell

Phew..... Finally.

It's just getting busy, busier and busiest.

Dropping my daughter to the school (love her goodbye kiss), getting ready for work, periodic check-ups of my only wife, her caterwaulish ways when she is confronted with food, my groans and moans when she says no to everything and there isnt a single edible thing left in the world that would make her say yes, and plenty for discomforts and sleepless nights... I have just found it very difficult to update my blog and visit the blogs I love to visit.

GG, I miss her humour and her inimitable style of writing.
Dcver, I love the diversity you bring in your blogs.
Piu Piu, thats the artist amongst us and has a unique point of view.
Viking, loved you in the pumpkin mess.

I hope I can visit your blogs soon enough.

What else???? Ummm Federer won the US Open and I am just becoming a bigger fan of his.
Real Madrid is winning in cockroach style.
Australia has lost the Ashes and I am waiting for the super series. This one is going to be exciting.
Indian cricket had a major scandal (whats new with that!!!!).

And I lost in the prelims of a quiz competition. I do not feel bad for losing, but definitely the fact that I had not prepared well will haunt me for a long time. I am going to work hard on this for the next year. Shame on me.

Friday, September 09, 2005

In a class of his own.

Saw him, saw her,
there isnt quite anyone like Federer.

What does it take to beat Federer?

Ivanisevic's serve, Edberg's serve and volley, Courier's forehand, Agassi's return, Hewitt's spirit, Sampras's backhand down the line shots and the line umpires and the chair umpire on your side.

This unassuming guy has changed the complexion and meaning of a tournament. And the best part is each one of his opponents likes him. That's rare.

Way to go Federer!!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wanted more hours in a day.

Pregnant wife, school going kid, project deadlines...... 16 hours of one's time, in a day.

Pregnant wife, school going kid, project deadlines, US Open, Ashes series ..... 24 hours of one's time, in a day.

Pregnant wife, school going kid, project deadlines, US Open, Ashes series, India involved in a cricket series ...... 48 hours of one's time, in a day.

All of that and understanding an obfuscated algorithm written in a more obfuscated language by a professor in MIT....... timeless and priceless.

For everything else there is mastercard.

Thanks everyone :) I am back... hopefully.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

On a break.

I need a break from my internet life.